IFTA MILAN, 14 OCT 2017 – We Should See Dow Hit 23000

Salam semua from Milano Italio…. Hope semua sihat. We shud see Dow hit 23000.

Alhamdulillah, teruja dapat berjumpa dan berkongsi idea dengan guru hebat teknikal analisis.

Andrea Unger, the guru of chartpattern breakout and the four time winner of the Futures World Cup Trading Championships.

Robert Prechter, the leading guru of Elliot Wave. Bestseller for short specialist trader book “Conquer the Crash”.



Technical Analysis will be more complex in the near future. New technical indicators which are adaptive, complex and cylically optimized such as COMPOSITE MOMENTUM OSCILLATOR (CMO), TREND FILTERED MOMENTUM (TFM) and ETF DIFFUSION INDICATOR (EDI) will be heavily utilized.

2030 will be the year of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain labs, fintech and chatbots as financial institutions will rush to create AI labs.

Brokers will open up their API, change commission model and leverage AI for investment analysis, consumer behavior patterns, and customer service.

Tech companies will enter fintech in a big way. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft along with Chinese tech companies like Baidu and Alibaba to purchase innovative fintech companies.

One of the Four Horsemen (Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook) will become the first “$1 trillion business” soon.

Password, credit cards & debit cards will disappear. Biometric Authentication (fingerprint, faces pattern, eyes retina and voice recognition) will replace pins, passwords & cards.

Everybody can trade without having to trade using copy trade or robo trade.

Five bank fees most likely to be gone and become rip-off by 2020 :
Brokerage fee
Fund management fee
Credit Card fee
Currency transfer fees
Personal loan fee

Mobile wallets like Google Wallet, Apple Pay & Alipay will expand internationally and add more complex functionality. Trading and shopping will be 100% cashless by 2030.

5 trillion sensors will be connected to the internet by 2030 from ring, watches, t-shirts, jeans, cups, spectacles, plates, eyes and hair.

Everything will be online.

The first AI machine will join a corporate board of directors by 2030.

70% of corporate audits will be performed by artificial intelligence 2025.

Chartist greatest skill will be the adaptability to suit the millenial generation technology.

Salam sayang. Salam Hardcore Traders.